INAEC 2016: We're the Champions!

INAEC or Indonesian Naval Academy English Competition was held in order to celebrate the anniversary of naval academy was coming after its absence last year. EDS UNESA came with the challenge from its coach to bring either 1st winner or the best speaker. Having very tough practice, it was almost every day practice for about two weeks to prepare the competition. Since it was only one representative that could be sent, we saw a very big opportunity to win even though the diverse competitors were still becoming our threat. Here was our tourney along the competition.

The representatives of EDS UNESA were Sazi Ajeng Ayu Virginia, Landry Dwiyoga Daniswara, and Peggy Stefany Dano as the debater and Umi Mayzuhroh as the N1 adjudicator. In reaching the goal and answering the challenge, the debaters should fight in the long four preliminary rounds in order to determine our position including the speaker score which later on determined our status as the best speaker. Debaters from UNESA gained the highest accumulative speaker score which was 1,060.3 and 29.5 margins. The score was far from University of Airlangga in the second position which only reached 1.056.0 speaker score point and 15.5 margins. Beating all biggest competitors in the preliminary rounds brought us into very confident 

The following day, we faced elimination rounds that were tougher than before, facing some institutions, e.g. AAL, IPDN, and Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM). The biggest obstacle in reaching the final round was in the semifinal. Debaters had to beat UMM with very tough decision coming from the adjudicator, split decision from seven adjudicators. EDS UNESA won with 5:2 voices from the adjudicators.

In the final round, debaters fought against the biggest competitors University of Airlangga under the motion of “As province with severe haze problem such as Riau and Sumatra, THBT governor candidates should sign a contract to completely stop the haze within two years of their administration”.

EDS UNESA succeeded to beat them with split decision of 5:2. Furthermore, in the announcement of the best speaker, three of UNESA debaters were listed in the top four best speakers. Another happiest moment was the N1 adjudicator represented by Umi Mayzuhroh succeeded to get her accreditation to be an adjudicator, even reached chair position in one of matches she adjudicated. Finally, our debaters could answer all the challenges since we brought the trophies of INAEC champion, best speaker, and accredited adjudicator.

This results would be positive boost for the next competitions, namely National University Debating Championships (NUDC) both Regional and National levels. *LNDR