English Teacher's Best Practice: 22 February 2017

English Teacher’s Best Practices is an academic forum for English language teachers, teacher candidates, practitioners as well as students majoring on foreign language teaching. This forum provides opportunity for them to share teaching experience, classroom management, classroom discourse, learning behavior and motivation, curriculum, as well as research and development in the area of English language teaching (ELT).

For this February, we have three presenters who will share their teaching experience with the audiences.

Muhammad Rajulain, S.Pd.

He is an English teacher at MAN 2 Kota Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). He is going to talk about the instructional strategies to accommodate the less anxious teaching of speaking through poster presentation. 


Ali Rosyidi, S.Pd.

He is now teaching English at MA YKUI Maskumambang Gresik, East Java. What makes it interesting is that students who have good Quran memorization have better vocabulary mastery in English. It then encourages him to investigate what vocabulary learning strategies used by those students in acquiring new words. Do they apply memory strategy? 


Qoni' Zamili, S.Pd.

He is an English teacher at MTsN Grogol, Kabupaten Kediri. His main topic for the next Best Practice will be e-Learning through Quipper School. It is believed it is as a strategic investment of accommodating different learning styles as well as students' motivation.

The forum will be held at Ruang Seminar, English Department, FBS UNESA Lidah Wetan Campus starting from 1 to 4 p.m. Please be welcome to join this forum by contacting the committee.