The 3rd English Teaching Conference: Afterglow & e-Proceeding

English Department, State University of Surabaya has successfully hosted the 3rd English Teaching Conference (ETC) 2017 with the theme of implanting the 21st Century Skills through Language Learning. This conference is an annual academic agenda to provide space for teachers, practitioners, lecturers, and students as teacher candidates to share their teaching experience and research papers.


This year’s conference was attended by more than 200 participants with 42 presenters with various topics in the area of language teaching. All participants and presenters enthusiastically joined the conference both during plenary session and parallel session later at the afternoon.


During the plenary session, there were three prominent keynote speakers in the area of language education. The first presenter, Ibu Th Kumalarini, senior lecturer at State University of Surabaya, presented the practical aspect of literacy in language teaching particularly about basic competence on Curriculum 2013, while the second speaker Ibu Helena of State University of Semarang talked further about both theoretical and practical aspects of bringing literacy into language learning. Furthermore, the third speaker, Ibrar Bhatt of Queen’s University of Belfast, the UK, presented more theoretically about digital literacy competence and how language teachers use this understanding to integrate into language classroom context.


During parallel session, the presenters were distributed into some chambers according to the relevant topics. Most presenters have submitted the full-papers, while others have only presented the abstract and research progress. The papers from the presenters are compiled and submitted in the form of conference proceeding. Please download the link for e-proceeding. prosiding-full-paper.pdf


Professional Development

This conference is part of the Department’s commitment to support professional development program for teachers and teacher candidates in order to boost their academic expertise. ETC is annual conference which is held every (first week of) November. Besides ETC, English Department has also hosted regular professional development forum English Teacher’s Best Practices which is conducted on the last week of February, April, and September, and other workshops in the area of English language teaching.